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Delicious daily smoothie breakfast ingredient packs, nutritionally customised to your body & goals! We just need to know a little bit about you to crunch the numbers. Our 7 question quiz take just 26 seconds to complete!

    ✓ nutritionally customised to you
    ✓ lose weight, gain weight, boost health - you pick!
    ✓ frozen from source to blender for 100% nutrients



per week


Just a super-tasty, proper smoothie breakfast. Perfectly balanced protein, carbs + good fats to kick start your day. Brimming with natural nutrients to boost your brain and body!

    ✓ gorgeously tasty smoothies
    ✓ balanced breakfast, ready in 30 seconds
    ✓ 100% natural (no powders!)



per week

How it works

You Choose

Pick 5 yoggies (one for each day, Monday to Friday) from our range

We Deliver

Each week we deliver your box of 5 yoggie packs to your doorstep or Safe Place. Frozen for top taste and max nutrients. Pop in freezer within 6 hours. Brrrr…

You Blend

Empty yoggie pack into blender straight from freezer. Add water/milk/yoghurt or whatever you like! Blitz. Done.


What is Yoggie?

Gorgeously tasty, daily smoothie breakfasts customised to your body and bursting with nutrients to make you happier & healthier.

Struggle to get your 5-a-day? Yoggie is naturally chock full of superfoods, vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients to provide your daily nutrient hit, boosting body and brain.

Do you rush in the morning? We measure out the smoothie ingredients (frozen at source for max goodness) into your Yoggie pack. You just blend straight from freezer with water in 30 seconds.


Why will it help me?

Your yoggie smoothie is nutritionally tailored to you. 

Your Perfect Breakfast is unique to you. That’s why Yoggie was created by nutritionists (initially for ourselves). 

Before we fill your smoothie ingredient pack we tweak the recipe to match your body & goals.

This way you know your smoothie breakfast gives you just the right calories and perfect balance of protein, fats and carbs… for you. Helping you stay on it and smash your goals throughout the day.

What’s in it?

Everything you need. And more.

Each yoggie smoothie recipe pack contains between 8 and 27 nutrient-dense whole-foods, frozen the moment they are picked till the moment you blend them ensuring you get 100% of the goodness.

Fruits give flavour and valuable nutrients. Veg boosts phytonutrients without extra calories. Our organic natural protein balls strengthen your bones and muscles. Nuts/avocado taste great and add monounsaturated fats (great for hormones). Seeds for crunch with omega 3 & 6 for brain function.Grains improve texture & give minerals & fibre keeping you fuller, longer. Oh and we chuck in superfood pellets. Because we want you to be awesome.


Benefits of Yoggie

Breakfast treat.

We want you to love your Yoggie. So we make sure that each one tastes gorgeous!

Boost your health.

Created by nutritionists to help get you looking, thinking and feeling great.

Save time.

Just blend for 30 seconds straight from the freezer. And you're ready to go.

100% complete nutrition.

Each Yoggie smoothie is a complete meal with all the protein, carbs and fats you need.

Meal on-the-go.

Blend at home or office. Drink whenever and wherever you like.

No nasties.

No powders. No artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavourings. Just proper foods, blitzed.


What Our Customers Say...

"I look forward to my breakfast smoothie every morning!"

– Nikki P

"ADORE my smoothies!! I have one for lunch each day. Plus I know it’s healthy so no guilt!!!"

– Cara P

"These are life-changing. Thank you so much guys."

– John G

"Delicious. Saves 10 mins each morning too."

– Tom M